Yes, Press Releases Still Matter

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In 2013, chances are that a lot of people would instinctively lump press releases into the same category as the carrier pigeon, the telegraph and the typewriter. On the contrary, free press release services are still incredibly useful in getting attention for a wide range of topics. On July 24, a number of people across the United States stopped watching a speech by President Obama on the state of the economy because of the fact that a press release had come out announcing the name of the royal baby!

If that is not proof that the best press release service cannot get attention, then there never will be.

Of course, the best press release services can be used for more than announcements about royalty or the state of the economy. In fact, companies and organizations of all sizes still rely on press release submission services to help get a clear and concise message to a waiting public.

Some companies may wish to sent out a press release to announce that they have hired a new CEO or president. Others may want to announce a retirement. Care to let investors know that earnings reports showed better than expected numbers? A press release can be used for that as well! Of course, the best press release service will know that there is more to do than just craft a good announcement. One has to know where to send it as well.

Every press release has an intended audience, especially if it is discussing a new product or service. A press release from a car company will probably land with a flat “thud” if it only reaches people who are interested in news about the next comic book movie to come out. With an ideal service staffed with experienced people, a business, organization or individual looking to get some attention can make sure that they get all they need from the right audience.

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