Is PR News Wire the Best?

I would like to say that PR news wire offers the best online pr news. I dare anybody to take me on with that debate. I really do mean that to see if there are people out there who prefer otherwise, because I truly believe they are the best event press release site out there.

First, PR news wire delivers express press releases and what is better than fast? The fast I can find a press release the better my chances are at the newspaper taking my story. They are known to be fast. They were the first to deliver press releases electronically. PR news wire was early to get on the internet. They also joined social media around 2006, I believe. But none of that matters because all the other news wires are caught up. What does matter is that they will always be the first one to get press releases through.

Second, PR news wire has no problem with making it easy for their users to find exactly what they need. Good categorizing is key, and eliminating bad articles is too. They do both of that so it is mostly content that any user would want to use.

Lastly, they gather press releases from all over the world. Everyone knows that newspapers have not only, national and local news, but also world news sections. With PR news wire, I can find press releases from a story in Afghanistan and write about that.

I truly would like to see what people who oppose this think. I am open to everything. The discussion is now yours for the taking.

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