Essextec Pleased to Announce Increasing Sales and an Expanding Staff

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Following a sustained period of sales growth, Essextec looks to hire experienced sales professionals in the Delaware Valley and NY Metro regions

Rochelle Park, New Jersey Essextec, a leader in the world of information technology and personalized business solutions, has been providing business solutions and meeting the information technology needs of a wide variety of clients for nearly two decades. Whether cloud, onsite or remote, Essextec provides customized state of the art solutions. Its incredible sales success has led the company to expand and embark on a search for new, qualified sales professionals. Thus far in 2013, Essextec has hired two new account managers, and is looking to hire more very soon. Essextec is actively looking for Account Managers in the Delaware Valley and New York Metro regions.

Services That Sell Themselves

Essextec provides a wide range of services, each of which can be molded to suit the exact needs of the client. Clients in need of infrastructure assistance can find storage, servers and consulting that will provide real answers. If it is a question of data management or analytics, state of the art replication, virtualization and business analytics programs can be employed. Essextec can also help its clients with business risk services, including vulnerability and penetration testing.

Risk Management includes both the identification and assessment of risks to a company, as well as the coordinated application of specific resources to help monitor, minimize and control both the probability and impact of unfortunate events. The state of the art business risk services that Essextec can provide can be delivered remotely, in the cloud or onsite.

Decades of Experience

Essextec has been meeting and exceeding the needs of their customers for over 19 years. In that nearly two decade time frame, the company has seen trends in the IT world come and go, and has always managed to stay on top. Over the years, the firm has routinely won awards and recognitions for their craft, including an IBM Beacon Award in 2013 and an IBM Storage Winning Edge Award in 2012.

With record sales and new Account Managers coming on board, Essextec looks forward to meeting the needs of its clients for years to come.

Essextec is an award winning information technology pioneer that regularly meets and surpasses the needs of its clients. Those who are interested in applying for a sales position or learning more about what this company offers in the world of storage, visualization, risk management and IT can visit Essextec online at Find out more here: Data management solutions

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