Whole Home Remodeling Before and After – Do it Yourself Repair

To give an idea of the possibilities we offer before and after.

It was first necessary for the kitchen to be updated. The layout did not fit the needs of the purchasers and much of the materials used were old. For a modern appearance it was decided to replace granite countertops as well as top cabinets with more modern cabinets. In addition, the dining room had changes where doorways were removed and changed the doorframe size to match the other one.

It was very difficult to enter upstairs bedrooms through the basement. Residents had to go through each one separately in order to reach another. The building crew constructed hallways to make use of the bedroom space by moving the walls inward.

Bathrooms were completely renovated featuring brand-new granite countertops and cabinets. A bar was built and flooring in the basement was renovated.

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