How to Install an Antenna – Chester County Homes

It’s crucial to learn how to set up antennas correctly. The steps are simple and easy to follow, and need no technical skills. Here are the steps.

How to Install an Outdoor Antenna

Step 1: Mounting your antenna to the top location of your home can provide better signals and coverage. Best spots are or on the top of the roof or in the attic however, if there is an adjacent tree to your property and your wires still work to go with the larger level. To get better reception, it is a smart idea to position the antenna directly in front of an antenna transmitting device.

Second procedure is to connect the coax cable from the antenna onto the television. An easy tip is to put drip tips on your antenna wire in order to prevent water from flowing along the lines. To make the cables look neater and more organized the best option is to make use of staples. Make ensure that you don’t cut wires while stapling.

Step 3. Make sure you connect the coaxial cables to the T.V. port and have your television look for available channels. The settings for discovering channels can usually be found on the setup menu of the television. Then, you’re ready to watch streaming channels for free.


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