Vinyl v. Laminate Flooring Which to Choose? – Home Efficiency Tips

Choose the ideal flooring for you home through understanding the differentiators between laminate and vinyl.

Laminate flooring is strong and durable and often confused with wood floors. However, it’s much more affordable. We’ll look at the laminate flooring content.

The four layers that make up laminate flooring. As the backing layer helps keep the boards in place, the stabilizing layer helps keep it from drying out and creates a stiffer surface. A higher quality product will be produced when the layers that stabilize are stronger. The decorative layer will have your wood print of choice The overlay will protect the ornamental layer from being damaged.


Vinyl flooring has quickly surpassed laminate flooring’s popularity, and needs less care.

The vinyl also comes with four layers including the backing layer, the core layer (which serves the same purpose as the laminate’s stabilizing layer) as well as the decorative layer and finally the layer of wear.

If you’re looking for traditional and stylish floors that are more affordable than wooden flooring, talk to the flooring company in your area to determine the most suitable option.


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