How Data Center Cooling Works – PC Patching

Internet access is now available to everyone, and the volume of people that use it increases. Internet access is expanding services each day. Large data centers are required to handle the volume of information. They should be situated in huge warehouses located at distant areas that are able to accommodate lots of room.

To cool these data centers, it requires an enormous amount of energy and infrastructure. A majority of them are operated by air conditioning which requires a significant amount of electricity. Cooling methods that are innovative are employed to build new data centers.

Facebook is one example. Facebook has just inaugurated a new data center within Northern Sweden. It uses induction fans , as well as the naturally cooler climate to cool its servers. Although these fans require electricity, they are much better than traditional air cooling.

Many companies are also trying newer and more imaginative methods. Microsoft experimented with embedding a server into one of the containers that were watertight to the ocean’s floor. The idea worked. The container was equipped with heat exchangers as well as the sea water’s cool temperature to cool the servers.

Click the above video to learn more about data center cooling.


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