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care or Tricare. In order to determine eligibility, it is determined by patient’s income and cost of living. Patients who qualify for grants from HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation can also be awarded aid according to the size of their families or income. Only healthcare services in the U.S. qualify.
All eligible illnesses

The HealthWell Foundation is here to aid those in need of help with the cost of medical treatment. There are many conditions which are treatable including Diabetes, Heart disease, Heart attack (including stroke) and heart disease kidney disease, cancer, the heart condition, renal failure, heart disease, heart disease, heart disease, heart disease heart disease, heart disease heart disease heart disease heart heart attack and congestive cardiac failing), Cancer and Diabetes. The HealthWell Foundation also assists those who may not qualify but still need financial aid. If you’re an old person living alone and facing rising health care costs because of the condition (which may cause depression), then they should be eligible to apply.

Covered Medicine

Patients are provided with covered medications which is a prescribed drug that is included in a health plan. HealthWell’s website lists covered medicines. HealthWell website provides a list of covered medications that include generic and brand names, along with disease states and classes of drugs.

What is the process for applying

The applicant must complete an online application form in case you meet the necessary qualifications to receive financial aid through HealthWell Foundation. The initial step is the complete of an application form online. Caregiver or patient can download a copy of the agreement between caregivers and patients. The document describes how the Foundation will utilize your data, its plans and actions. It also provides you with legal rights as a caretaker or patient. When printing the form patients will be able to fill in their details. Once the form is completed you can then sign the document and return it. Once you have completed the application, the Foundation will keep track of your HealthWell account. Patients are able to apply for a HealthWell account via telephone, mail or in person. fax.

HealthWell will ensure that patients receive the medical care they need.


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