Have You Ever Heard of Hall Effect Current Sensors? – Mac OS X Power Tools


watch this video to find out what Hall effects current sensors can be and learn how they work. Because of their versatility and versatility, magnetic sensors have become the solid-state devices which have become popular.

Current sensor Hall Effect provide a wonderful instance of a magnetic device which has recently gained attention. Edwin Hall made his discovery in the early 1870s. The Hall effect is the process wherein a magnetic field causes an electric voltage.

The primary part of the Hall effect detector is a small piece of rectangular, p-type semiconductor material. Once the device is in an electric field, the magnetic flux lines apply an electric force to the material. This triggers the charge carriers like holes or electrons to move towards one end of the substrate.

The accumulation of these charge carriers results in possible differences between two sides of the semiconductor material. The possibility of a difference is because of the motion of electrons and holes that move in a parallel direction.

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