Introduce Your Business to the Rest of the World With the Help of News Wires

Press release

Before the internet, if a business had news to share it might have needed to hold a press conference, or submit a press release by mail to hundreds of news sources in their state and across the country. Fortunately, the internet has revolutionized much of that process. News wire services online allow you to submit your press release, sometimes for free, and have it distributed to hundreds of online channels and local media sources. If you have never used a news wire service before, here are three steps to help you in the process.

  1. Write a press release.
  2. An event press release is the best kind of press release. News and media sources have no interest in writing about or reporting on your business if there is no story to be told. You should use an online template if you have never written one before, and keep your press release brief and to the point. Keeping it under one page, and in AP writing style, are good ways to make sure your press release does not get thrown out, or ignored.

  3. Look for press release submission services.
  4. PR news, Business Wire, and Internet Wire are all common submission services, but there are also many free press release services, too. When looking for a wire service consider your budget, and how quickly you need your release posted. The trade off in using a free service can be that your press release does not get posted as quickly, or on time.

  5. Wait and watch.
  6. Your work is not quite done once your press release is submitted. Depending on which service you use, you may want to check back and confirm that your press release was submitted in a timely manner, and to which sources. Watch your traffic metrics for spikes in activity, and be ready to respond to any media that contact you about your press release.

    News wire services are invaluable if there is something exciting to share about your organization. They are the best way to get the word out to multiple media sources. If you choose to submit press releases yourself, you should be careful to target them towards appropriate journalists, reporters, and news sources.

    This is where news wire submission might be helpful, as the service will sometimes do the appropriate targeting for you. Remember that press release submission is an important part to building online traffic and interest in your business. Follow these three steps and you will find that working with news wire services is simple, and beneficial.

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