A Look Into a Wrecked Car Repair – Car Talk Podcast

There is no chance of ever getting damaged beyond an “totaled” title which stays with it for life. This video will show a variety of techniques mechanics can employ to handle an auto repair that is damaged.

Collision centers can repair various kinds of damage, that ranges from scratches and dings, or a structural overhaul. Some of the most common tools utilized by collision mechanics are frame machine, flatliner and bondo. Bondo is an automotive filler , used to repair damaged paint.

The frame machine is used for heavy duty frame repairs. After the vehicle is loaded onto the frame machine then the mechanics verify that the vehicle is straight. They then use a computer to find which clamps to mount where they will fit.

The frame machine is equipped with an in-built computer system with specifications for vehicles of all kinds of automobiles. This way, the mechanic can perfectly map out where the repairs are needed. Once the clams are connected, a measurement tool will be utilized to gauge the size of your vehicle. Later, additional clamps are added to move the frame to its desired position.

For more details take a look at the video at the link above.


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