You Wont Believe What Food Was Sold at McDonalds – Food Talk Online

It has a long history of being successful. It is one of the most popular restaurants in many parts of the world. It’s not exactly a premiere food caterer. They can do fast food very well. It has also seen a number of food items not work during the trip. This video will show you some of the most bizarre items once sold by McDonald’s.

It attempted to market McSalad Shakers before McDonald’s introduced its top salads. It was a salad inside a glass that was garnished with chopped meat or cheese. People would shake these cups into a bowl to mix dressing. This unusual take on salad ended up being a disaster.

McDonald’s has always been famous because of its hamburgers. Traditional dishes like McDonald’s Big Mac are a perfect model. Burgers like these are not healthiest options. McDonald’s created the McLean Burger. McLean declared that it was 91% fat-free. In lieu of fat, the patty consisted of carrageenan as well as water to bind the water to the beef. This option with low fat did not appeal to the palates of the consumers. Thus, it was soon discontinued.


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