Why Rebar Tubing is Necessary for Concrete – E-Library

Here’s where rebar tubing steps in. Watch how concrete can be helped with tubing made of rebar in this video.

Concrete is not suited for structural use by it’s own. It’s not strong enough to handle all the stresses that it may face. The contractors will make use of steel rebar to offer the right structure for compression and tensile forces. Rebar offers a great balance to the concrete’s natural compressive resistance.

Rebar helps prevent breakage in concrete due to the tensile force, and reduces the risk of major failures. Concrete beams using tubing made from rebar will not snap into two pieces immediately. The cracks will grow slowly and eventually fail. This aids in the removal as well as repair of large building.

The best thing about rebar is that it is inexpensive and has been thoroughly tested and has the potential to last over a period of time. There are additional ways to make rebar stronger. Check out the video linked above to learn more about the ways in which the rebar could be strengthened for support in concrete.


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