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ike. IKE “Commercial Solar – All You Should Know” contains important details about commercial solar power to both enthusiasts and prospective adopters.

Commercial solar means any solar array that connects to a commercial meters with an energy utility. There are various kinds of structures ranging from residential apartments with 20-30 panels to warehouses with over 1000 panels can utilize commercial solar systems. They are also ideal to companies and manufacturers who want to cut their utility expenses.

In addition, property owners could gain from leasing their roofs to install space to install commercial solar panels. They will then get paid in advance by community solar developers for their leased space.

The amount and size the commercial solar panel affect the price. The total size of the system depends on the space of roofing and also the quantity of energy used. Businesses and building owners who decide to purchase solar power systems could also qualify for tax incentives and other benefits.

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