What Is Micro Machining? – Andre Blog

This type of machining is highly efficient. End mills are an type of cutting instrument that’s utilized in industries. A end mill is one of the tools that cuts and can be utilized in both either radial or axial directions.

Micro machining is an instrument used by engineers, mechanics, as well as other designers for creating things at the level of a micro. The tool for micro-machining has distinct cutting edges with geometrical shapes that let the tool to form and shape small objects. Micro-machining can be achieved using materials, alloys and polymers. These materials have also been utilized for glass fabrication, which is more of an complicated technique.

As the person who is presenting the video shows that the most important factor to success in micro-machining is practicing and the organization. The key is to get familiar with the various sizes, and know which one is best for the materials you’re working on. The information above will help you understand everything you have to be aware of when it comes to micro-machining tools.


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