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You can see the testimonials of previous customers in the Youtube video “RAEL fire Protection Subscriber Reviews” in which they discuss how this program has been beneficial to the users. Find out more!

Regular inspections are part of the fire prevention program at RAEL. It ensures that all equipment functions properly. These people are responsible for inspecting fire alarms as well as fire extinguishers along with sprinkler systems. The professionals make sure that the regulations are followed and can give all options for those who don’t have a fire alarm system.

In the clip, you’ll find testimonials that describe how RAEL the fire safety has improved from the time they first started using an automated delivery process. They used to operate on paper, which took more time. Now, they’re able to be accessible to all of the United States and all their information is stored digitally. This program basically takes the existing setup, such as Excel spreadsheets and Outlook calendars, and revamps them to make them much more efficient and faster. They also started to use the equipment identification software that tags the inventory. This is great improvements to work.

For additional information on the fire prevention system at RAEL, you can watch the remainder part of this video.


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