Using Sub Slab Depressurization to Remove Radon From a Home – House Killer

methods to treat homes. These systems ensure that no part in the radon system penetrate the walls of the house like seen with previous system. Start by making through a tiny hole along the outside of the home so that you can get underneath the concrete slab, coming in at a horizontal angle.

You could power the fan via an existing electrical outlet. Then, you wire it to your electric system. The easiest way to accomplish this is through an over-sized downspout which has been painted to match the hue of your home, to keep the system from becoming an eyesore.

Massive holes in the foundation may permit radon to escape to your house. In order to close these gaps, you can use expanding foam. The suction in the system once these openings occur, so cleaning and sealing them so the silicone is able to stick to the space, ought to be carried out when making a sub slab depressurization system.

The manometer tool which tells you if the system for radon is operating in a proper manner. It looks quite similar to an ordinary thermometer. Learn more!


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