Understanding Different Cuts of Steak – Food Magazine

t kinds of steak, as well as in the culinary world there are different types of steak, and these are known as cuts. This article will discuss the various cuts of meat.

Tomahawk ribeye is cut of steak that is cut in the middle of the rib. The name tomahawk ribeye originates from the substantial volume of bone in the meat. Salt and pepper are two of the ideal ingredients to cook for a steak that looks like a tomahawk.

A different cut of beef is called the filet. If you prefer your steak more buttery This is the cut to take into consideration. This is a smaller cut than the one cut with a tomahawk.

We will be discussing the porterhouse last. The porterhouse steak is comprised of an elongated filet as well as a middle bone. This permits it to differentiate in comparison to New York strips. This is the highest-quality cut.

There are many cuts of steak. You should choose whichever cuts you prefer the most, but next time you order keep these facts in your mind.


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