The Most Unusual Pizza Toppings – Entertainment Videos

People love pizza. Pizzas are ordered by businesses and have them delivered at your doorstep. There are many who love pizza in various ways. This video will introduce you to some unusual toppings for pizza.

The most popular pizza that is listed here is crocodile pizzeria. The crocodile pizza was invented in Australia and can be found in the Australian Heritage Hotel. The restaurant also serves Kangaroo and Emu pizza. It is followed by haggis pizza. It’s the most popular food of Scotland. Believe it or not, the pizza has become quite well-known. Santa is not pleased with reindeer pizza. This kind of pizza has gained popularity throughout Italy. It is known as Berlusconi. Another type of pizza is the green peas pizza. This option is healthier. The green pea pizza, although not exactly a hit in the United States it is quite well-liked elsewhere. Some countries even put mayonnaise on pizza. For instance, in Japan, Dominos even has an entire range of pizzas with mayonnaise sauce. There are numerous pizza varieties on offer, as you see. Will you try any of them?


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