Ray Sands Glass Adds Money-Saving Ecolux Low-E Window Film to its List of Products

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Upstate New York glass specialists add a top rated new product to their already impressive list of products and services.

Rochester, NY — September 20, 2013 — Ray Sands Glass, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has added SolarGard’s Ecolux Low-E window film technology to its list of products, and is now ready to provide the money saving window film to customers across Western New York.

Truly Responsive Technology

The Ecolux window film contains a new dual action technology that combines the proprietary Low-E coating with unique properties for solar control. During the warm summer months, the Ecolux Low-E film will reflect the summer heat, even after the sun goes down. This will greatly reduce the need for air conditioning, which will reduce the customer’s energy bill.

Ecolux can help customers during the winter months as well. As the temperature drops, Ecolux will reflect heat back into the office or home. Users of the product will save on heating costs as their homes or office spaces are kept warmer for longer periods of time.

“Ecolux window film helps home and building owners lower their annual energy bills,” said David Burns, President of Ray Sands Glass. “Installing the film is a very cost-effective upgrade for any home or building, converting existing windows into effective energy conservation systems.” Thanks to this new film, customers could enjoy as much as a 30% savings on their energy bills each year. Being completely carbon negative, these high tech solar films can save more energy than it takes to produce them.”

Enjoy the View

While some window films may impede the amount of light that comes through a window, Ecolux Low-E does not come with the same handicap. As it increases comfort year round and encourages energy savings, this film has a naturally high visible light transmission that maximizes natural light. Those who use the Ecolux product will enjoy natural light and a clear view.

For 67 years, Ray Sands Glass, Inc. has been proudly serving its customers in Rochester and Canandaigua, NY with the latest in glass and glass repair technology. To find out more about about the company and SolarGard Ecolux Low-E window film, call 585.889.2876, or visit online at www.RaySandsGlass.com



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