Proper Removal of Metallic Cork Wallpaper – Cool Artwork

Spray water gently onto the metallic cork wallpaper until there isn’t any water. Following this initial step has proved to be effective in getting rid of these wallpapers in a short time. The wallpaper is then sprayed again until the water evaporates.

Step 2: If the liquid begins to drip off from the paper’s surface is the right the time to eliminate them. Make use of a putty blade or a scraper, carefully move the blade along some of the borders of metallic cork wallpaper and then try getting them separated. If you can get them under the removal process will go smoothly, albeit it will take more strength and effort.

Step 3: After scraping off the wallpaper and putting a tarp down on the floor in order to prevent scrapes from being spread over the floor. If you have difficulty to take them away, proceed to step 2. Apply some water to the floor. Use the putty knife to cut the wallpaper’s second layer off. Keep doing this until the task of removing them becomes easy. When it’s done, wipe your walls to make sure you have a the smoothness of your walls.


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