How to Tell If Your Pet Has a Food Allergy – Awkward Family Photos

The next step is to understand what the most effective puppy food can be for your pet’s allergic reactions. This YouTube video “How to Know if your pet has a food Allergy with veterinarian Dr. Ashley Geoghegan,” details the most common signs and what to do about them. We’ll find out what to tackle these issues!
The Symptoms

The aforementioned ear problems are among the most common manifestations of dog food allergies. There are dogs who suffer from the symptoms of anemia, itching or stomach issues. Pets can react in a negative way when they try to digest proteins contained in their food.

What are the best options for you?

In the first instance, it is important to see a vet to rule out the possibility of other health issues that could be causing these problems including ticks and parasites. Doctors may suggest an innovative protein-based diet. It means your dog’s food contains only one ingredient. A lot of dog food brands have multiple sources of protein, such as meats, veggies, and grains. They all can cause allergies.

Check out the remainder of the video to find more specifics on how you can detect allergies to dogs and how to improve your dog’s well-being today. Make sure you have an emergency number of your local vet on call in case of an emergency.


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