How to Take Advantage of Free Press Release Services

Press release writing services

Did you know that, according to Jeremy Porter of Journalistics, some PR news distribution services release 1,000 press releases each day? The fact is that each PR news release has a small chance to be noticed and make an impact for the business that issued it. Press releases are regularly published by companies to deal with public relations issues, to announce profits, or to announce a new product. These are all incredibly important matters. If a company wants to be noticed in the overwhelming deluge of content, they need to implement these three tips.

  1. Use Punchy Keywords and Titles
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    Whether you plan to submit press release free or through a paid service, you should keep in mind the same SEO techniques you use in the rest of your web-based content. Thomas Armitage of Overit writes that you should be doing research on your targeted keywords so that you can incorporate what people are searching for throughout your article. This can also help in writing a punchy, attractive title that will get people to click through.

  3. Write Great Content
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    According to eRelease’s “Statistics Highlighting the Importance of SEO Press Releases”, 80 million people get their news online everyday. The fact is if your content is boring, poorly written, or uninformative, then these people will just go elsewhere for the information. Even though optimizing your piece is important for SEO you should never compromise how enjoyable it is to read your work for the sake of keywords and target phrases. SEO gets people to your site, and good writing keeps them there. As Dan Kenitz writes in “How Press Releases Can Boost Your SEO Strategy”, provide your readers with value and engagement to keep them interested.

  5. Do Your Research
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    When it comes time for you to publish and distribute your event press release, public relations piece, or any other, you need to do your research on the companies you are considering. There are many services that allow you to submit press release free of charge and have them syndicated across the web. According to Smart Insights, many free press release services are only able to get 25% of releases onto important sites like Google News. Far more services cannot get any into the public eye at all. However, the site does go on to say that some services, such as Online PR News, are able to get 75% of releases in front of important readers. If you do your research, you are far more likely to find a company that can offer that 75% rate.

Press releases are an important tool in announcing your latest successes. The fact is no matter what your release is about you are going to have a lot of competition for views. However, by implementing these three tips you can make the most out of each bit of news, whether you plan to submit press release free of charge or not.

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