How to Install a Chain Link Fence – Interior Painting Tips

The fences are more expensive. In this article, we will detail the essential steps to follow in a successful chain link fence installation.

Measure the perimeter of your fence before you get started installing fences made of chain links. The first step is to calculate the length of your land by using a tape measure. You will then need to buy braces and fence posts that will be appropriate to your particular property line. When you’ve installed your posts, create a string-line between them and attach posts with a post-level to them. This ensures that the fence is level.

For the installation of the wires that comprise your chain link fence, you can use either a hammer tacker, or a an electric tacker for driving your initial wire into the ground approximately one-inch deep. The next step is to build your fence gate with hinge brackets that are specially designed to allow them to hinge backwards toward your home. Then, you must secure all the fence posts using concrete anchors. These posts will help prevent the fence from sagging over the course of time. Chain link fencing can be substituted for other fencing styles and is inexpensive and lasts for a long time.


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