Cavity Prevention Guide – Awkward Family Photos

Make sure you are well-informed about these points. Dental decay is a serious issue that can arise due to poor dental hygiene. This could lead to unnecessary dental visits and increased copays. This video will show you the best ways to guard against cavities on your child’s teeth.

Candy is a popular treat for youngsters, as we know. While candy is fun from time to time but we know that candy can be detrimental to the health of a child’s mouth. Since bacteria feed off sugar left behind, this is one reason that candy is damaging to your child’s oral health. They then create acid, which causes cavities to discolor teeth. Most often cavities don’t develop until they’re too late. If your child can feel the cavity, it’s too to late. So what do you do? It is possible to start by restricting sugar intake and fermentable carbohydrates such as cookies and cakes. Make sure that they brush daily after eating. Make sure that they are taking the time to floss twice daily. There are numerous dental services for the family that can help you.


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