An Interview With Ray Sands Glass President David Burns

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We recently interviewed Ray Sands Glass President David Burns, a company that has been servicing the a large number of clients in the cities of Rochester and Canandaigua, New York for over 67 years.

So why did you start your own business, other than to make money?

David Burns: It was always a dream of mine to own my own company and help people within the community. Being the president of Ray Sands Glasses gives me to do that. I always had a passion for automobiles, and wanted to explore more opportunities in the automotive industry.

Can you describe your business to us?

David Burns: We are a full service glass shop that can handle residential, commercial and automotive. We offer automotive windshield repair and replacement, Get the Fog Out, headlight restoration, Aquapel, wipers, window film, shower enclosures, replacement windows, security film, table tops and mirrors.

Tell us a little about your background, education and work history.

David Burns: School of hard knocks, from which I graduated with honors. I graduated from Wheatland Chili high school, and painted my English teachers car to graduate high school. After that, I worked at Allstate as a claims adjuster. I have also worked in collision repair and farming! I spent one year with the owner of Ray Sands Glass in 1983 after I purchased it, and he trained me how to operate and manage Ray Sands Glass.

Can you tell us about any mistakes you have made, or unexpected obstacles that you have encountered along the way?

David Burns: I have tried a number of cutting edge marketing strategies to peak awareness, and some people did not get my sense of humor. One year, I came up with a poster of some heavy set cartoon characters with their backsides exposed and came up with a tag line: “Not all cracks are the same.” Needless to say, some people did not appreciate my humor towards a crack in your windshield!

Ray Sands Glass has been on the cutting edge of glass installation, repair and replacement since 1946. People that are interested in learning more about what this locally owned and operated business can do for them can visit online at, or call 585.889.2876. Local residents can also visit in person at one of the companies two localtions, which are 3315 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624 and 2460 Rochester Rd, Canandaigua, NY 1442, respectively. For more information see this:

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